A short guide about football betting

Football betting is popular among players who have even a superficial relation to betting. In this sport, the most matches take place; in the line of bookmakers, the largest number of events is always determined for football competitions. Many football fans bet on football to heighten their interest. It is much more interesting to watch the game you put on.

Peculiarities of betting on football matches

Football is a game between two teams, lasting in two halves of 45 minutes. This is one of the most unpredictable sports, which makes it difficult for bettors to determine the best market to gamble on. One of main features of success in football is analytics and correct analysis of each game. We will return to this point a little later.

Types of bets in football

These types in football are quite similar to those we have in other sports. For instance, you can gamble on result of meeting, on total, and handicap. There are more types which are used specifically for football: bets on exact count of the match, Yellow card, draw and statistics betting (this includes separate signatures for corners, yellow cards, offsides, shots on target, send-offs, fouls, outs, etc.)

Pay attention to this aspects in football

europa league final oddsThe history of face-to-face games. It is worth watching the matches for the last 2-3 years for the current trends – the number of goals, fouls, yellow cards: you need to raise all the statistics. Be sure to correlate all the analyzed indicators with the line-ups of the teams that were playing at that time. This will give an understanding of what to expect from teams;

Motivation (personal or tournament). Consider opposition on both planes. Lack of tournament motivation does not mean that the team can play at a minimum of opportunities. A classic example: the Ruhr derby between Schalke and Borussia Dortmund. Usually Dortmund are fighting for the championship, and Gelsenkirchen are in the middle of the table, but this does not prevent Schalke from playing 200% of the chances against their worst opponent;

The current form. How often scores are scored, removed, the style of play lately is rough or academic. A streak of victories or defeats, lossless or unbeaten streaks – all this needs to be marked for further withdrawal;

Teams. Disqualifications, injuries, involvement of young people, exclusion of footballers from the base – news about these events should be before our eyes at the time of the analysis of the game;

The judging staff. A lot depends on the referees – for example, the quantity of yellow cards and fouls. The referees also influence the result of the match by assigning penalties and sending off, so do not be lazy to view the statistics of the referee chosen for the match;

Secondary factors. The efficiency of the team at a particular stadium, weather conditions, press reports from the players about the mood are not the main factors, but can complement the result of the analysis.

Do not be lazy to find out the weather, which is supposed to be on the day of the game. She plays a very important role, for example, in football and, knowing the weather conditions, you can expect the approximate course of the game for both teams. Snow or rain is an unambiguous advantage in defense tactics, it is much easier to destroy in such conditions than to attack. Because the result is like a regular or dry draw, when one of the opponents plays for the sake of not losing – the most probable! Rain or snow should be a surprise for anyone, but not for you! If at least something hints that there will be changes in the weather for the worse, then the best way out would be to insure yourself, then just rely on Mrs. Fortune!

Mistakes you should avoid, if you want to succeed

Smart people learn not only from their own mistakes, but also from others’ mistakes. You have a good opportunity to learn from someone else’s betting on football experience and avoid mistakes made by other players. High odds – high risk. It is necessary to soberly assess the probability of winning.
Betting on your favorite team. When making a prediction for the match of your favorite team, it is difficult to remain objective.
Unwillingness to follow the betting history.Many players do not follow the history of the bet. It’s in vain. It is difficult to calculate how much money was lost over a distance. In addition, it is much more difficult to identify bets that are constantly bypassing.
Registration in one bookmaker. Other bookmakers may offer better odds for events. If you win, you will receive less money than you could.

Pros and cons of football betting

The main pros of gambling on football are:

  • Excellent conditions for analysis – many open services with statistics;
  • The widest list;
  • Excellent margin on match outcomes;
  • Many promotions and bonuses related to football tournaments;
  • Daily opportunity to place large amounts of bets due to the many tournaments around planet.
  • Football broadcasts allow you to place bets during the match. Many players do that while watching football .

However, there are some cons as well:

  • Bookmakers work on mistakes and reduce the number of valuable rates;
  • In case of changes in the layouts for a match before its start, bookmakers quickly react by moving the odds.

Is it worth trying?

Betting on sports is a good way to monetize your knowledge of sport and add more intrigue into the game. It is impossible to place bets on football correctly and win one hundred percent – mistakes on the way to profit will haunt even the most experienced players. But these misses can be minimized with the right analytics and choosing the right financial and gaming strategy. If such a gambling foundation is supported by cooperation with a bookmaker that provides the best conditions for making gambling, the game will become more productive and bear fruit in the form of regular profits.