The greatest football matches in history.

There have been many meetings in football that have become classics long ago or will become in the near future. These matches made fans and those who like to bet hold their breath pending. We tell you about the best meetings in the history of football: about miracle in Munich, the strong-willed comeback of the Champions League and others.

Liverpool Milan 3:3

This football meeting was held in final of League 2004/2005. The most strong-willed comeback, one of the finest matches in history of football.
The match between Merseysides and Milan is one of the most intense in the history of football. Already in the 52nd second, the Milanese scored a goal Paolo Maldini scored a goal, having closed the canopy from the free kick with his head. In the 40th minute, italians increased the lead after a goal from Crespo, a few moments later scored again again by Crespo. The teams left 3-0 at half-time, while Liverpool fans screamed loudly the anthem. The choice of those who bet quickly changed.
In additional time, Milan looked better because of the fatigue, the Liverpool players had their muscles cramping. Despite a clear advantage, the Milanese did not score, and the meeting turned into a penalty shootout. The star of this segment was English goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek, who fought off two hits from the Milanese. 3:2 on penalties and the Champions Cup went to Liverpool. A hard to predict win but worth it for those who always bet on Liverpool.

Manchester United Bayern Munich. 2:1

If you want to explain what a comeback is, show this game. This was last game of League 1998/1999. Both teams were worthy of each other: Man United had already won the league and the FA Cup, while Bayern became German titleholders and reached Cup final. The winner of the “golden treble” at the end of the season was determined in their face-to-face meeting. Betting on this match was hardly predictable.
The match began with a score from the Germans Mario Basler scored a free-kick in 6th minute. After conceding the ball, the Mankunians seized the initiative, but could not overcome the defense of “Bavaria” the German players built a dense block of defense and did not allow the ball to reach the goal. In the first added minute, the Mankunians nevertheless equalized the score after a series of ricochets. Just a minute later, with a goal in touch, Merseysides took the lead.
In the 93rd minute, the referee blew a whistle, which signaled the victory of Merseysides. They won another Champions League and took the first treble in one of the best games in football history. The Germans after a deafening defeat also failed in the German Cup, losing on penalties to Werder Bremen. Those who placed bets on them that day, definitely were prophet.

Is it worth watching and betting on football?

These football games are already in history books. They are a good example for analysis if you want to learn how to bet on football. If you want to get acquainted with other matches which are a must-watch for successful bets read part 2 of this article.