The most titled football players in history

All sports have their legends and football is no exception. Here is the list of the footballers about whom everybody has heard – starting with fan ending with those who like to bet. The rating includes the players with the largest number of team titles in their careers. The trophies received in clubs and national teams are also listed here.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo is one of the top scorers in football history and has won countless individual awards. However, with Cristiano’s team titles, things are a little worse: he entered the top 10 most titled footballers in history only in January 2021.Ronaldo is now playing for Juventus. For two and a half years in the camp of Turin, Cristiano took two championships and two Italian Super Cups. He won the last Super Cup in January 2021, making him one of the most titled footballers in the world.
For the national team, Cristiano won only two prizes : he won the European Championship (2016) and the League of Nations (2019).




Vitor Baia
Vitor is Porto’s legendary goalkeeper. In the Portuguese grande, working for most of his career and received 12 prizes , including 5 championships and 2 national Cups, becoming one of the most titled footballers in the world.
In 1996, Bahia moved from Porto to Barcelona. Despite having five trophies, the transition was unsuccessful: the goalkeeper had knee problems, which is why he played in only 39 matches in three seasons. In 1998, Vitor returned to Porto – first on loan, then on a permanent basis. In the next stage playing for Portugal, Baja took even more trophies – in addition to the next five championships and 3 national Cups, he helped the crew win the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and Intercontinental Cup.





Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Ibrahimovic is the most volatile representative of the list of the most titled football players in the world. During his career, he played in nine clubs, including Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, ​​Milan, PSG, Man United, Los Angeles Galaxy. In each of the clubs, he received awards – only the main European trophy is not in his collection: the Champions League Cup. Betting on him is always a hardly predictable event.
The richest trophy episode in Ibrahimovic’s career took place at PSG. Zlatan immediately fit into the team’s playing style, began to score a lot and often. In four years in France, Sweden won 12 of 16 home trophies, including four championships. He also became the finalist of Italy, England, Spain.




Who does this influence betting on football?

It is obvious that only the best can win such a number of trophies. They play in mighty teams and this definitely increases their chances to win and your chances to have a successful bet. Nobody knows how to bet on football correctly. Many experts give predictions for football, but there is no perfect strategy. So, you can create your own based on the information about players listed above. Do not be afraid and put your best in betting on football.