The most costly football transfers in history

In football, in addition to the game itself, there is also another side that concerns financial issues. Fans are closely watching not only the matches but also the activities of the transition market. The transition of a footballer from one team to new one is called transfer. How does it influence betting on football?

What is a transfer in football?

As we said, it is when a player moves from one team to new one. In order to make transition, a player must sign a deal with new club. The deal contains information about the player’s wage, benefits and the cost of the transition. Sometimes the full transition fee is not paid. This happens if the player’s contract expired and he became a free agent
Any football fan knows, Sports magazines and World Wide Web sites always publish information about possible transitions in football. It is an important part of any football player’s career. Any footballer will tell you that the transfer is an important step in the development of his career in sports. This moment is a turning point in the fate of any football player, since it is he who decides what direction and development his football career will receive. This also greatly influences how fans bet on teams.

Neymar’s transition – 222 million

Neymar’s transfer to PSG was the loudest on our list, although formally it is not even a transfer. The Brazilian did not want to be in the shadow of Messi and wanted to be the main star of the club. He agreed on the terms of the contract with PSG, but the financial fair play prevented this event: Barcelona did not want to sell the footballer, and the compensation for Neymar was 22 million euros.
PSG could not give this amount, otherwise sanctions from UEFA would have followed. The club’s management decided the problem differently – the Parisians gave the money to Neymar himself, and he bought his contract from Barcelona. The Brazilian first became a free agent and in this status moved to PSG. This move increases number of bets on PSG

Kylian Mbappe transition – 145 million

Mbappe was one of Monaco’s best players: in the 2016/17 season he became the champion of France, interrupting the winning streak of PSG, and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, where he became one of the most productive footballers.
At the end of the season, Kilian demanded a 16-fold increase in salary, but was refused. Due to the conflict with the leadership of the Monegasques, they began to look for a buyer: Real refused to fulfill Mbappe’s conditions, but PSG agreed. In the 2017/18 season, the Parisians took the striker on loan with a buyout condition.

How does transition influence betting?

It can make one team stronger and another weaker, so this will definitely have an effect on betting. Also, if you miss betting on football while major events are on pause, you can try betting on transition itself. Oddly enough these bets are as popular as regular ones.