Legendary football matches

There are books that can be re-read several times, which is why they are kept on the shelf at home. There are films that you can watch. And every football fan probably keeps in his heart the memories of the matches that gave him the deepest impressions. Every fan must watch these matches to improve their betting skills.

Barcelona – PSG. 6:1

In this football match, Barcelona had to solve an impossible task – to win back from 0: 4 in the first match. Earlier in the history of the Champions League, no one succeeded. This meeting was very much awaited by both fans and those who bet.
The meeting began with a quick goal by Luis Suarez already in the 5th minute. It seemed that after such a start, Barcelona would continue to gain points, but over the next 35 minutes the teams did not have a single goal: the Parisians were on the defensive, while the Catalans were unlucky. The next successful move was made by the defender of PSG Kurzawa – however, in his own gates. As a result, the first half ended with a score of 2: 0, Barcelona needed to score at least 2 more goals.
At the beginning of the second half of the football match, the scenario of the first was repeated – Messi scored from the penalty spot five minutes after the whistle, 3: 0. In the 62nd minute, Cavani made a successful move against Barcelona and increased the lead on aggregate – now the Catalans had to score at least four.
The end of the football meeting was decided by Barcelona striker Neymar. In the 88th minute, he made a point from a free-kick, in the 91st – from a penalty. The Catalans had only one point left before the historic achievement – and they scored it. At the last, fifth compensated minute, Neymar filed into the penalty area of ​​PSG, where Sergi Roberto sent the ball into the goal in a subcategory. 6-1 – Barcelona played one of the best matches in the history of football, advanced to the quarterfinals, where they lost to Juventus. The outcome of this match was hardly predictable, but those who placed bets are true Barca fans.

Chelsea – Liverpool. 4: 4

The first leg of the quarter final confrontation ended in Chelsea’s favor: the Blues won 3-1. To advance to the next round, the Lersisides had to win with a two-goal difference in a foreign football field. There were no certain favourites among those who bet for this match.
It seemed that the Lersisides no longer had a chance to reach the playoffs, but in the 81st minute Leyva evened the score, and in the 83rd Kuyt put Liverpool ahead. The Reds stayed in the game: in order to maintain the advantage, Chelsea did not sit on the defensive, but increased the onslaught on the opponent’s goal. In the 89th minute, Lampard scored a double – he hit from the penalty line, the ball bounced off two posts and flew into the gatel.

Why should you watch these football matches?

These matches are all time classic and a good way to analyse the bets and how betting in football works. Be patient and do not rush. Skills you gain after watching these games will eventually pay off in future winning bets.